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    2. Outages

        Never go near a downed power line. 

      Review more important safety information here

      Whether because of car-pole accidents or forces of nature such as high winds, lightning, or winter storms, there are times when your power goes out. When an outage happens, our service crews - and employees who support them - do their best to restore power as soon as possible.

      What to Do When You Experience a Power Outage

      Reporting your outage helps us pinpoint damage and restore power more quickly. You can do this several ways:

      Our Storm Restoration Process

      FirstEnergy's operating companies begin preparing for potential outages long before severe weather hits.

      Important Safety Reminders

      Touching a live power line can cause serious injury or death. You can't tell by looking whether a line is "hot" or not.

      Preparing for Outages and Managing Through Them

      Prepare for power outages before they happen by reviewing these tips:

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      Last Modified: March 12, 2019