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    2. Standards of Conduct and Affiliate Restrictions

      Vice President and Chief FERC Compliance Officer
      Robert R. Mattiuz, Jr.
      FirstEnergy Service Company
      76 South Main Street
      Akron, Ohio 44308
      Phone: (330) 384-2454

      FERC Standards of Conduct Information

      358.7(a)(1) Disclosure of Non-Public Transmission Function Information
      Information Disclosure

      358.7(a)(2) Notice of Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Disclosure
      Notice of CEII Disclosure

      358.7(c) Notice of Voluntary Consent of Transmission Customer Information
      Notice of Customer Consent

      358.7(d) Written Procedures Implementing the Standards of Conduct
      FirstEnergy Standards of Conduct Compliance Program

      358.7(e)(1) Names and Address of Affiliates with Marketing Function Employees (MFEs)
      FirstEnergy Affiliates with MFEs

      358.7(e)(2) Type and Address of Facilities Shared by Transmission Function Employees (TFEs)/Marketing Function Employees (MFEs)
      TFE-MFE Shared Facilities

      358.7(e)(3) Potential Merger Partners with Marketing Function Employees (MFEs)
      FirstEnergy Merger Announcements

      358.7(f)(1) Job Titles/Descriptions of Transmission Function Employees (TFEs)
      TFE Job Descriptions

      358.7(f)(2) Position Transfers between Transmission Function Employees (TFEs)/Marketing Function Employees (MFEs)
      FirstEnergy TFE-MFE Employee Transfers

      358.7(i) Notice of Waiver of Tariff Provision
      Notice of Tariff Waiver

      FERC Affiliate Restrictions Information

      35.39(c)(2)(iii) Disclosure of Regulated Marketing Function Information - Emergency
      Regulated Marketing Function Disclosure Emergency

      35.39(d)(1) Disclosure of Regulated Marketing Function Information
      Regulated Marketing Function Disclosure

      Last Modified: May 15, 2019